Tanvi Patel - Microbiologist


Tanvi Patel - Microbiologist
Tanvi Patel - Microbiologist

Tanvi's Story at Bayer

“Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make by breaking stereotypes!”

I still remember the initial phases were quiet difficult where after completion of my masters in 2000, I had struggled a lot to get my first job. What was unfortunate is that it had nothing to do with my capability. The problem lied with the glass ceiling existing in the corporate world. I had appeared for many interviews and at one point of time I started feeling that being a girl was a crime! All the interviewers would reject me not because I could not prove my capability, but just because they were skeptical about how long I would stick around considering events like marriage and child birth thinking that all the training, investment and efforts could go in vain.


Finally, I found a job for myself but I would say the turning point for me was when I joined Bayer.

Today, it’s only a year now that I joined Bayer as a Microbiologist. Immediately, after joining I was given the responsibility of setting up new microbiology laboratory! I felt great and said to myself “Here’s an employer who trusts on my capabilities irrespective of the gender and now I have to give this my best shot!” Setting up a new micro lab was absolutely an exciting task. To set up a lab in a given space while adhering to all the compliance guidelines and with the available equipments was not an easy task. I created SOPs and documentation before the initiation of lab after minutely understanding each and every process. After weeks of ideation, collaboration and execution, we finally had the lab up and running. Not just that, I could surprisingly sail through an audit of the lab just 3 months later, all thanks to the strong management support, an encouraging work culture and an amazing team. While I believe that my determination and perseverance towards my work and keenness towards learning has brought me where I am today surely it would not have been possible without a conducive and non-discriminatory work environment. The organization believed in me and empowered me to achieve greater heights. Every event of life brings lot of learnings and I learnt the subtle difference between ‘just meeting the requirement’ vs ‘Achieving Excellence’ and that was the time when I totally took pride of being a part of this wonderful organization. And today I am very proud to say that we have successfully sustained the micro lab in our site!

At Bayer, everyone is a talent. The fact that my voice is being heard irrespective of my gender, opinions are been taken before decisions and over and above the constant appreciation and recognition keeps me motivated and I strive to do that extra bit for the organization. Bayer has brought surprises to me each new day in terms that how an organization not only focusses on a strong business model and products to drive innovation and sustainable growth but also has zero tolerance to non-compliant behaviour. It continues invests heavily in employee development, environmental protection and safety while achieving its mission of using science to bring better lives.


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