Jignesh Patel: Manager Production

Jignesh Patel: Manager Production
Jignesh Patel: Manager Production

Jignesh's story at Bayer

Bayer: Where Safety, Growth and Innovation prevails.

I was on the verge of completion of my B.Sc. degree and like other students, I was looking forward to securing admission in M.Sc. which I felt would quench my thirst for science. However, my financial circumstances then led me to a job and I never regret that as I believed in one thing that if you really want to do something you will find a way out and if you don’t you will find an excuse. I managed to find my way through a dream job.

1st September 1998, was my first day at Bayer and these 20 years is not less than a world tour journey for me. Why world tour journey you ask? Because of the innumerable and unforgettable experiences I gained due to being exposed to different interest areas of work. Right from product development to commissioning of plant till commercialization of product, I have experienced it all! The benefits of these are seen today while I am working at strategic site of Bayer Vapi.

I had worked in the production department, where deviating anything from the actual process/SOP was not only difficult but impossible. Even in that tough scenario, I untapped all possible areas to find out the way to innovate and reduce complexity. I failed at times while experimenting but never gave up! Various challenges came on the way but today I am happy that all my ideas which I dreamt 20 years back have institutionalized smoothly and benefited to the organization as a whole as I strongly believed. What worked well for me was that here I was working with an organization where employees are empowered and encouraged to contribute with new ideas and innovate. "Nothing in this world is impossible” and” Think out of box” have always been two success mantras that I advocate. Living by these has helped me achieve high production in my plant since last 20 years without any additional investment by applying my small ideas continuously, thereby creating huge positive synergies. Through my personal experience, I can proudly say that 'Questioning the status quo' is not just a phrase at Bayer, it is something the management encourages employees to practice and in turn also recognises!

I was awarded BayChamp in 2016, Bayspot in 2017, Manufacturing Excellence Team Award 2017 & 2018 and also nominated for the accelerated leadership development program at Bayer.

This fantastic journey of success never ceases to end. Even after 20 years, the plenty of opportunities that I receive, wholesome experience preparing me to tackle a variety of challenges in production, supportive leadership, culture of innovation and above all living our LIFE(Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency) values based culture, makes Bayer an “Employer of Choice”.

Today, when I look back I don't think there could have been a better way in which I could have quenched my thirst of science while I continue to contribute my best to the company’s mission of 'Science For A Better Life.’


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