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Bharati Shetty: Manager - Secretarial
Bharati Shetty: Manager - Secretarial

Bharati's Story at Bayer India

Beginning of the year 2017, I was nominated for the MGML – My Growth My Life, an accelerated leadership development program by my Department Head. Being selected for such a prestigious program within 2 years of joining the Company was indeed a very happy and exciting moment for me. But before we could actually get selected for the program we had to give an entrance test!

The induction ceremony of the MGML program was very grand and I was pretty excited on the how the journey would turn up. Let me tell you, it was not all that easy! The most important aspect of the MGML program was that each one of the participant had to work on a project during the period of one year and submit the same to the jury at the end of the year.

There was lot of work that was expected from all the participants. The main challenge that I faced was selecting a topic for the project which should have made some viability for the organization. After a lot of deliberations and thinking through, I finalized on a project which I named as Project – Sharp Eye, which was basically an Insider Compliance Monitoring Tool. I wanted to select a project that would not only be helpful for the department but should also make some process improvement at an Organization Level. Next challenge was to convince my department head on the benefit of the tool for the entire organization.

I was very sure of the fact that whenever there is an effort taken towards process improvement, the Company would support me and I was correct. On understanding the benefits from the Insider Compliance Tool, my Department Head sanctioned the necessary budget for the implementing the said tool and I was more than delighted to take it forward.

With the help of the IT department and our external vendor partner, we could implement a customized Insider Compliance Monitoring Tool by which all the designated employees could submit their share purchase and sale in the Company through the system with just a click of a button. The process earlier was a manual process which took a lot of time for the follow-up as well as was cumbersome as all the registers for the said compliance was also to be maintained manually. With this system in place, the entire manual process was migrated into the live system which included automatic form generation, register maintenance, data back-up and real time monitoring.

The project was highly appreciated by the jury members. The MGML program gave me an opportunity to question the status quo through this project and I was delighted by the fact that although I was very new to the organization, still the Company gave me an opportunity to showcase my idea as well as supported me in implementing a new system which was well accepted by the entire organization.

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