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Raj Chandirasekeran - Senior Regional Manager
Raj Chandirasekeran - Senior Regional Manager

Raj's Story at Bayer India

"Having worked in two different countries for Bayer, I can vouch that Bayer is Truly a global company where employees are valued as assets. There are plenty of opportunities to move up or to try out different skill sets. Learning opportunities both formally as well as on the job are fantastic which has provided me a wholesome experience preparing me ready to tackle a variety of challenges in the business. Supportive leadership, great coworkers and culture of innovation makes Bayer the employer of choice for many including me."

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As an employer, Bayer provides the opportunity to be a part of a culture where we value the passion of our employees to innovate and give them the power to change.

Read for yourself what some of our employees are saying about their experiences working for Bayer.


Raj Chandirasekeran - Senior Regional Manager     

Tara Sandhu - Senior Manager, Strategic Projects


Rajesh Gujarati - National Training Manager

Divya Ramakrishnan - Manager, HR Consulting Services

The stories describe how the employees experience Bayer as an employer or explain about the fascination of contributing to the mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” with their own work.


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