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Indu Nair: Senior HR Executive - Learning and Development
Indu Nair: Senior HR Executive - Learning and Development

Indu's Story at Bayer India

After completing my MBA in HR, in one year I got an opportunity at Bayer which was a dream come true. The company that supports and values performance I was offered an on roll job in a year’s time. I was proud and excited to shape and establish training function right the scratch under guidance and support from my team. It’s now 4 years of transformational and fascinating journey at Bayer Vapi as an HR professional- Training and Learning. I am fortunate and feel enriched to be a part of such wonderful organization not only because of its employee friendly policies and great organisational benefits but also the superb culture!

I am amazed to understand that how Bayer takes such great care about its employees’ development which is done by a very few companies. I always witnessed that for Bayer it’s not only about brand, its more about the culture, its employees and its development.

With 1200+ employees working at Vapi site, I always found lot of scope & opportunities to do variety of initiatives in Training & Development as well as other HR process. Offering innovative ideas and concluding to realities - Online Training Management System, Structuring standard process for competency based learning, Saksham – an initiative to strengthen technical skills of cross functional teams, providing awareness sessions on all HR processes, Daughters @ workplace, promoting e-learning at site through a Learning Zone and many more such initiatives have just made the learning culture at site more strengthened and sustainable.

Out of many such initiatives I would like to mention about one of our unique initiatives “GyaanVruksh” for which I am really proud of. An intervention that lasted for almost 1 year and covered 916 employees under this banner was one of those big projects I have ever lead and executed with support from all. Right from creating the concept, planning & aligning, ensuring right mix of employees, to including multiple stake holders in this fascinating project, it was indeed a learning experience. Our idea was not only to build employees professionally but also personally as a good human being; a good citizen and making ready for change!

This innovative initiative was far reaching to transform employees at their personal-life-family-society & organization stage. Remaining in the present, taking one small step towards solving our problem, thinking and readiness for change, self-introspection and caring were the key ingredients of this learning initiative. Employees and participants could learn how to be a better human & stay happy in life. Witnessing the commitments and the true assurance of our employees was heart touching. The organization trusted in me and I could drive and execute such a unique initiative under the guidance of senior colleagues. The supportive work environment and conducive work culture and ample growth opportunities that Bayer has to offer is unique. What makes work easier is seamless collaboration within teams. Thanks to the trainer, senior leadership, HR leaders for their fabulous support which made our deliverables quiet easy.

At Bayer, I never feel I am at work, I always feel homely like my family which makes my deliverables stronger. I experienced empowerment, security and growth in this journey specially getting opportunity to meet and discuss topics with senior colleagues from whom I extracted various learnings to adopt! Bayer supported me and took care of me during my motherhood which I can never forget and still trust me by giving exciting opportunities including that of an assignment which I never thought of could be offered to me.

I see sky as limit for any aspiring talent in Bayer which values and take care of people on utmost priority! I am proud and keen to contribute passionately for Bayer in return.

Mostly we believe there is glass ceiling that exists and opportunities are less and limited for women! But I am of a different opinion that at times we create glass ceiling for ourselves, it upon us to break or to just fit into it! Choice is totally ours!

Motivating recognitions came on my way for various initiatives that had been done. Being Winner of BayChamp twice (Individual & Team), Safety Celebrations winner from last 4 years in poster & slogan competition, Compliance Champion, nominated for LIFE awards “Efficiency” and being a proud member for Best support function at site from last 3 years consecutively.

I always believed that to be successful one must think moving towards transformational journey from a transactional journey. My success manta is; “There is no full stop to innovation! Keep thinking different and keep contributing to the organization”.

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